Stefan Weiss (MSc)

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Office: SC.2.10



Biosketch and Research Interests

My personal standard as a licensed psychotherapist is offering treatment of mental disorders by applying state of the art interventions, which are based on the latest findings in research. That applies in equal measure to my teaching as a lecturer.

In the context of my diploma thesis, I investigated the correlation between potential traumatic events and the long-term impact with and without psychotherapeutic interventions. Since then, my great interest lies in enhancing resilience and how this can be used to increase the ability to cope with challenging life experiences. During my training to become a licensed psychotherapist, I transferred the approach of integrating aspects of resilience into my work in order to help patients to ease or overcome symptoms of various mental disorders – regardless of whether or not they experienced traumatic events in their past.

As a part of the lab of Prof. Christina Stadler, I have the great opportunity to combine clinical practice with research. By evaluating, developing, applying and teaching the “START NOW” cognitive-behavioural skills training, it is my highest interest to further analyse the aspects and understanding of resilience and its effects in preventive and interventional use.
The current project “STRONGER NOW”, funded by the Gesundheitsdepartement Basel-Stadt, represents a special opportunity to apply that knowledge by realizing workshops for students of secondary schools to improve their ability to cope with the demanding Covid-19 pandemic.

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