Prof. Christina Stadler (PhD)

Research Group Leader



Tel: +4161 325 80 32


Office: SC.2.03


Jolanda Amrein (Administrative Assistant)

Tel: +4161 325 80 34



Biosketch and Research Interests

My special interest lies in investigating the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of deficits in emotion processing in mental health disorders, e.g. Disruptive Behaviour Disorders or autism. From my clinical experience it seems evident that for example children and youths with Disruptive Behaviour Disorder have difficulties in understanding and regulating their emotions. However, as these children are characterized by a very heterogeneous symptomatology, my team aims to clarify whether specific neurocognitive and neurobiological correlates are related to various clinical subtypes, e.g. hot-tempered or cold-blooded aggression. In cooperation with national and international experts in the field (see for example ( we investigate the interplay between psychosocial and neurobiological risk factors on maladjustment in patients and in typically developing adolescents by using psychophysiological, endocrinological and neurocognitive assessment tools as well as innovative brain imaging techniques, both in cross-sectional and longitudinal approaches. We are also highly interested in developing more tailored intervention approaches and to test their efficacy in regard to neural correlates of emotion processing. Due to the promising results of our recent randomized control trial with our START NOW cognitive-behavioural skills training program (, we currently develop a web-based version which is tested in youth welfare institutions and forensic institutions as there is a strong need for innovative and economic intervention approaches.